I am a mixed media and textile artist, based in Worcestershire. I use a variety of media in my work, which reflects my love of both painting and textiles, and blurs the boundaries of Fine Art and Textiles practice. I am fascinated by texture, colour and pattern and how different materials are transformed by paint and by light.  I like to use a combination of materials that may otherwise be thrown away, such as bubble wrap, sweet wrappers, foil, stamps, threads and fabric, layering them on the surface of the canvas and overpainting with oils and sometimes adding stitch for an extra layer of rich texture


 I am a member of the Midlands Textile Forum, a group of textile artists from all over the Midlands who exhibit together. I am also a member of the newly formed Society of Embroidered Works (S.E.W), a group dedicated to promoting embroidery as an art-form.

I post images of work in progress on my Instagram page  https://www.instagram.com/ccooperwalsh/